All the owners of this miners know that dash difficulty has increased in the past weeks and months. This version of miner (19 GHs) is went out in end october/early november batch. As you know this miner is only mining for X11 algorithm. The starting firmware that is running cause the CPU to exit with an error after some hours or days running. When this happens the miner simply decreases the number of shares till zero without any notice. Therefore this is a issue because there is the risk to use electricity without any running mining job. Here below let’s see how to install november firmware patch from bitmain that resolves this issue easily.

The firmware update for fixing released by bitmain

The new firmaware from bitmain seems to resolve this, and we tested it:

Please note: install only if checked carefully on your system, because a wrong update can cause the system to fail. After downloading the package, please go into bitmain D3 web interface and do the flashing. It’s very important to keep a backup of configuration files.

We tested this updated: at the first run seemed no changes, infact after some minutes after running the new firmware, the problem of X crashes is still there. We needed to do several reboots to achieve back stability. After such reboots events, the system went running smoothly. Some days after the system is still ok. We therefore can suppose that all is ok with this new update.

In any case, you know, bitmain is not so clear and transparent and it’s not easy to know how to tune.

More than just X11 algo for D3

Please consider also this thread, where a user made some adjustments to d3 software:

Several people are also waiting for a new firmware release from bitmain where more algos could be mined instead of only X11. The hardware would support this, but it’s possible that from a lucrative point of view, bitmain is not interested in releasing such firmware. For this reasons many persons, technicians and engineers are working to find a solution away from bitmain.  In any case it seems that in early 2018 profitability will raise even with X11 algorithm. So we’re all should keep it and benefit of low purchase price it now has. We all will stay tuned.