Antminer d3: something better

As you know in november performances of antminer d3 were greatly lowered by rapid increase of difficulty on the most important coin of algorithm (dash). You know that this algo is X11. This miner takes about 750W to perform 15GH/s and 1100W to perform 19GH/s. As many people of you have done, i changed the firmware from bitmain with a customized firmware (blissz) which makes possible to undervolt the miner, change frequency of the miner and speed of fans.

This firmware also blocks the antbleed backdoor. So i installed this firmware and changed voltage from default value to 430V and configured for maximum silence. In this situation i get a very stable configuration that gives me 15-16GH/s with maximum 800W of power consumption, that is very good.

Running such a miner configuration, at the moment of this article, i am getting around 0.0009 btc per day (that is about 12,50 usd per day) with a minimal consumption of electricity. As you see performances are really increased since november, in which you were able to get no more than 6-7 usd per day.

Which pool?

Which pool use? I suggest using a multiple coin pool. You can choose either prohashing or nicehash. Both are very good for usage with this miner. I dont suggest to mine a single coin, so i dont suggesto to use antpool which is able to mine only dash as X11 coin.

If you would like to configure and setup your miner, feel free to contact me.