Many people should know that today coinbase went live with bitcoin cash (BCH). Do you remember the fork of bitcoin that happened on august the first 2017 ? Yes that. Bitcoin cash is an high volatility coin that raised fast in the last weeks. At this moment is it around 3700 USD, not bad eh?

So coinbase, with this choice, has now ready with bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and now bitcoin cash. They could not start with bitcoin cash, infact the volume on this coin has become very high in the last weeks and so many new operators jumped into this new opportunity.

The important is to see how this market will be managed inside coinbase and in howlong this market will be liquid inside the coinbase platform. We will see. Anyway it’s clear that a new coin put inside coinbase can only grow faster, since coinbase is a very huge and famous platform, very trusted by the people. We will follow news and developments around this market introduced in this popular exchanger.