The event of december the 13th is the relaunch of Electroneum with its mobile wallet! This is an event that all the community is waiting since last 1st november when the blockchain of this new coin has come alive. Electroneum is the most promising new coin of the last months with its easy mining features and possibility to drive and use from mobile wallets. Also market capitalization is very important right now.

Before relaunching this was the notice:

GREAT NEWS! HackerOne are drawing to a close and have found a number of minor bugs but nothing terrifying! This is great news for all of us – and will allow us to get everyone’s Electroneum wallets, the app, and the web wallet system all LIVE by the middle of this week!

Before relaunching, the ETN (electroneum) was worth about 0,12 USD.

After launch the price begun to drop till below 0,06$. The traffic at the site was very very high and infact the wallets have had a lot of problems in authenticating and getting connection to the blockchain. A lot of people made traffic to the site and mobile wallets and the applications were many times overloaded and in timeout. We suppose that the drop in value immediately after relaunching was because of fear of people and panic sell since the applications were very overloaded. We dont think that the drop in value was due to a lack of interest instead. Infact the hours after has shown a growing interest in this new coin.

The day after (today), the coin started regaining value (now it’s about 0,071$)  at cryptopia. The interest on this coin is really very high (the telegram group has 30k users) and a lot of volume is on cyptopia on ETN symbol even in the moment of writing this article.

It’s very possible a good increase in value of electroneum in the next weeks as soon as the applications and traffic find their stability and performances. At this moment also my electroneum mobile wallet and online wallet are working quite fine, even if the slowness is high and demonstrate a huge amount of traffic on the network.