I will not give any opinion about the company, the ICO or any other aspect of this coin, you should make yourself an idea and decide if cool or bad. I am just focusing on the aspect of the coin, technically and on the perspectives it opens to us.

Basic aspects to focus on

This is a new coin recently created in UK and from the beginning a lot of media spoke about it. Since november is become available with its blockchain and some exchangers have also started support it. The first is cryptopia , valuable exchanger located in NZ. The principal aspects we have to focus on, on my opinion, are:

  • the coin is new therefore mining difficulty is very low
  • the coin is calculated with cryptonight algo, that is the same of monero so you can use same miners as for monero
  • the hashrate necessary is low compared to the most used crypto, at the moment
  • the equipment necessary to mine is reduced
  • there is a working wallet that you can install on your computer (win or lin) for keep your coins securely

What to do?

For these reasons i consider this coin valuable and interesting both for purchasing and keep, and for mining. The coin at the moment has a low exchange rate, for this reason it’s very easy to purchase to keep in order to wait for future price rises. The purchase for keep is not a short term investment, but a long run one. Infact the coin can take months or years to raise consistently, no one knows. The sure is that this coin is become very popular even before blockchain went live and there is a great discussion about it: you must know, infact, that the telegram group is counting 27400 members so far (at today), therefore the interest in this coin is very very high and we are also very involved in doing business and investments in this coin.

For informations on howto install the wallet on your pc or how to start mining, please see my previous article on the argument or feel free to contact me at any time. You also can get a huge amount of hashrate with a preinstalled GPU rig and take advantage of low rate of difficulty that we have in this moment (it will change rapidly more miners will start to mine). The moment is infact important because it’s the raise of this new currency and you should take the train from the beginning, now.