Sept. 18th 2017. This howto covers the procedure to install a burstcoin wallet on a linux ubuntu 16.04 distribution and to access the wallet through a webbrowser. In this example we use only command line mode and we suppose we dont have a graphical UI installed on OS.

Correctly configure locale

apt-get update

apt-get install ntpdate


dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

install software

apt-get install openjdk-9-jre

install the wallet

git clone

cd burstcoin/


at this point the wallet is installed and server is listening on port 8125 (from localhost! only)

Here, you can access the wallet calling the url from local ubuntu machine. Or you can create a tunnel from an windows machine for example. Please note that when installed you have to click on create new address and save the passphrase. Then the wallet will be downloading the blockchain file and this can take very long (hours or days).

To create a tunner from a windows machine, install putty. Then open putty. In hostname or ip address field put your linux ubuntu public IP, make sure the check is on SSH. Then click on the left menu on SSH -> tunnels. then write 8125 in port field, write in the Destination field. Then click on ADD button. Everything else must be kept at default value. The you can click on OPEN button. You will be askd for credentials to login to linux machine, you write them and then tunnel is open. At this point you can open a browser on windows machine, calling the url and you will see the page of the wallet.