Here is how to install and run creepminer on ubuntu (or debian) linux os. Here i tryied to arrange and put in order the documentation found online, after tried the installing by myself. This miner is better than burstminer, more configurable and uptodate, so i recommend it.

Install basic build tools:

apt-get install build-essential

Install git if not already present in OS:

apt-get install git

Install OpenSSL and SSL library development headers:

apt-get install openssl
apt-get install libssl-dev

Install cmake:

apt-get install cmake

Clone the repository:

git clone

Change the directory:

cd creepMiner

Run the POCO install script (it will download and install POCO for you):

sh ./

If you want to use your GPU, install the CUDA SDK(or OpenCL; remember: CUDA has OpenCL already included).

apt install nvidia-cuda-toolkit

Create your makefile using cmake (use this build with cmake documentation):

for CPU + GPU:
cmake CMakeLists.txt

for CPU only:
cmake CMakeLists.txt -DNO_GPU=ON

for SSE2 only:
cmake CMakeLists.txt -DMINIMAL_BUILD=ON

Make the miner:


The binary file will be in ./bin

Now you have to setup mining.conf config file. In particular set the mining pool, wallet address and plots path. Here we suggest to use that is advanced and well done mining pool for burst coins. Dont forget that, before using the pool, you have to do the reward assignment to address published by the pool. Do see how to do, please look at previous howto.