SMOS (simple mining OS) is at the moment the most easy and powerful way to mine and manage mining rigs. This OS makes easy to control in a single interface all your rigs and change easily the mining software and the algorithm. It is also very stable as made by linux. So if you have a lot of rigs, it’s recommended to install such an os and avoid for example unstable systems like windows.

Lyra2rev2 is an algorithm which can be very profitable in some moments. But how can you configure the mining rig with SMOS to mine with this algo and using for example nicehash as termination pool? Just:

  • add a new group with ccminer-tpruvot-v2.2.5-cuda8.0 (if you have nvidia gpus)
  • write the following configuration line:

-a lyra2rev2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_NICEHASH_ADDRESS.$rigName -p x

then you are done. Save the group and assign it to your running rig from rig list interface menu. In few seconds and without any effort you will be starting mining this algo on nicehash. With for example 6xGTX060 mining rig you should arrive at 180 MH/s on this algo and this is not bad.