Mobile wallet

Electroneum is the most rumored new coin of last months. Blockchain for this coin came public on early november 2017 and immediately went to the first 30 coins of ecosystem. After hours after, they made aware that mobile wallet had important security issues and for this reasons they started a deep work on it, in order to make it more secure and fast. This work is still in progress and they told that new version would be out at beginning of december.

Underquoted because of late release

This makes at the moment this coin underquoted, infact the value is lowered of a half compared to beginning. But most of us (me too) are persuaded of the fact that this is because of mobile wallet still not ready. It’s very possible that after mobile wallet ready, the price will skyrocket. In any case this is what we all are waiting for. Most people have purchased a lot of coins because of low price that today we can see.

The most of community is aware that this coin is managed by a good group of programmers and that there are all the conditions for this coin to be one of the best nowadays. We are only to wait final release of mobile wallet to see if we are all right.