Our services

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Our services

As experts in field of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and network matters, we offer consultancy in this wide and interesting area. In particular our consulting services are

  • Consulting about cold wallet setup for long term holding in maximum security; also with airgapped wallets;
  • Maximization of your bitcoins privacy with mixing technologies;
  • Setup of full bitcoin nodes with privacy network for managing your holdings and authoritative transaction validation;
  • Development of ERC20 Tokens and smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain from start to finish;
  • Consulting for private investors in cryptocurrencies (for ICO, trade, and mining);
  • Consulting about configuration and setup of mining equipments and mining software;
  • Specific training about cryptocurrencies and related matters, both for private persons and corporate entities;
  • Setup of bitcoin and cryptocoins payments inside existing online stores;
  • Consulting about configuration of mining equipments for maximum ROI and daily returns;
  • Setup of masternodes ;

We support English, French or Italian languages. We work in these countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Malta, UK

Please contact us for any info or to request a quote. Bitcoins are economy of the next future.