Since talk of mr. Nixon in 1971, dollars are not anymore pegged to gold. So it was the end of gold standard. This is why the dollar value has began to decrease while gold started become more and more valuable in terms of dollar quotation.


The most important features for gold value are: scarcity and the fact that gold cannot be created by human. Gold must be mined and mining of gold is time consuming and very expensive. So the production of gold is inelastic compared to the demand. Gold is very scarce, comprising only 0.00000031% of the Earth’s crust .

Bitcoin has same good features of gold: scarse, inelastic to demand, store of value, with decreasing inflation, with high demand. But has advantages: it can be stored digitally without the need of a physical store and can be transmitted over the network. And also not to forget: bitcoin is decentralized, open, permissionless, censorship resistant money. Today where surveillance by governments, constraints of banks, strong and privacy-violating laws and so on, these features are very very important for bitcoin.

Total supply of bitcoin is 21 millions, so its inflation is going down and down until arrive to zero, while network security is increasing so much that the bitcoin network is the most secure ever with this growing hashrate.

No trust is needed

Another great factor in bitcoin is that everyone can check the network, verify transactions, verify blocks and check the status of the network. All of this is available by all the full nodes on the network. Today having a full node is something that everyone can afford to have. No need to trust anyone, you can verify everything by yourself independently ever. And this is digital trust for anyone. You have no more to trust a bank.

Value of digital era

Bitcoin is also the gold of XXI century, infact it is possible to move easily the value all over the world in a click. There are no boundaries, there are no countries and there are no limits for value to circulate across the globe. And with the layer 2 (lightning network), the payment system and the scalability becomes more and more available.

Bitcoin is also divisible to satoshis, the smallest denomination of bitcoin and so we can divide it very easily and use also for small payments of everyday life without any matters.