We all know, blockchain is the next revolution. It’s what creates trust from the network, what creates durability from redundancy. Public/private key concept + hashing have created a real revolution. I think that everybody will get aware of this in the next years. We should all be ready.

But what this technology really needs to help people in every day life, help social life and relationships? Here is what i think about:

  • a great effort in people education in this matter. This is very important for security and stability of the network itself, because people must know how to use these instruments;
  • a real collaboration from public institutions. Countries and governments must start allowing and helping this new era and stop going against it. Governments must take part of the project because freedom cannot be squashed. Hackers, professionals, opensource evangelists, etc represent what we really need;
  • collaboration from banks. It’s a nonsense that banks try to be the same as before. They will fail if they insist, they have to take positive part of the wave, or die;
  • a great effort from professional to join in order to be stronger and create a great coding power;
  • launch new ideas and moderate the speculation;

Network of people:

An extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support.

The above points are elements needed in order to make this new incredible technology growing and making our lives better. I suggest that all the professionals and entrepreneurs working in this field, to  join and do the best to contribute to this great global project and revolution!