Your online shop can do more with less

Cryptocurrencies are economy of the future, so we have to be all ready for this great change. If you have an online store or other online merchant activity you should start accepting also cryptocurrencies. Many people infact is now having a personal wallet in bitcoins or other altcoins for doing online shopping. This is easy, risk free and you can manage your money by yourself without banks and intermediaries. For this reason why dont you offer to your clients, the possibility to pay your products and services with crypto?

But how the crypto gateway works on a ecommerce website and how do you finally get paid from your customer?

How checkout works

You have a store which prices are in eur or dollars. That’s ok. You can continue offering payments with traditional ways as credit-card or bank transfer. But you can add additional ways (crypto means). In this way when your customers go checkout, they can choose this option and finalize the procedure sending coins to you in a specific fully automated procedure.

Choosing this option, the amount to pay, will be converted from standard fiat (eur or usd or chf or any other) to the crypto chosen by customer at standard rate in that moment. The software will take care of checking transaction and confirmations from the network. When all this will be done, the plugin will mark paid the order and your coins will be ready into your wallet as configured. It is easy dont you think?

When the amount is received in coins, you can keep in it in coins or you can change in fiat. If you have an online shop and you decide to use this new way of being paid, please contact us, we can make the integration for you and also configure wallets or exchangers connected to the wallet. So you can start quickly and easy.