Run your farm smoothly

Are there miners who use simplemining OS in order to quickly configure their mining machines? I know they are! Without any doubt SMOS is the most easy and stable OS you can run on your mining machines for a stable and profitable mining activity. As you know it’s based on Linux Ubuntu OS and contains a lot of mining software already setup and ready to use, in addition to overclock support for nvidia cards and amd.

In the next days I was wondering how to start mining neoscrypt and nist5 algorithm within smos distribution. I asked to support and they told me it is not yet supported.  But since i dont want to change anything of my mining farm, i started to hack for a while in search of a solution. And finally i found it.

Add neoscrypt mining

Suppose you want to run neoscrypt and connect to nicehash. Then you can add this new group with

miner: ccminer-tpruvot-v2.1

launch line:

-a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOURIDONNICEHASH.$rigName -p x

save the group and assign it to a mining machine to start mine.

You should see magically an output like this:

[2018-02-20 08:14:35] GPU #0: 1682 MHz 6246.37 H/W 173W 81C FAN 100%
[2018-02-20 08:14:53] neoscrypt block 4772, diff 205.663
[2018-02-20 08:15:02] neoscrypt block 4773, diff 196.982
[2018-02-20 08:15:53] GPU #0: 1681 MHz 6308.18 H/W 171W 81C FAN 100%
[2018-02-20 08:16:09] GPU #0: GeForce GTX 1080, 1090.25 kH/s
[2018-02-20 08:16:09] accepted: 318/320 (diff 0.262), 1084.90 kH/s yes!
[2018-02-20 08:16:35] neoscrypt block 4774, diff 194.301
[2018-02-20 08:17:09] neoscrypt block 4775, diff 192.150
[2018-02-20 08:17:09] GPU #0: 1681 MHz 6307.10 H/W 172W 81C FAN 100%
[2018-02-20 08:17:11] neoscrypt block 4776, diff 202.469
[2018-02-20 08:17:47] GPU #0: GeForce GTX 1080, 1086.66 kH/s
[2018-02-20 08:17:47] accepted: 319/321 (diff 0.046), 1084.87 kH/s yes!
[2018-02-20 08:17:52] neoscrypt block 4777, diff 207.746
[2018-02-20 08:18:04] GPU #0: GeForce GTX 1080, 1090.32 kH/s
[2018-02-20 08:18:05] accepted: 320/322 (diff 0.048), 1084.93 kH/s yes!

then this means that all is ok and your miner is running smoothly. You are now mining neoscrypt.

Add nist5 mining

For mining nist5 instead you should create a new group with the following infos:

miner: ccminer-tpruvot-v2.1

launch line:

-a nist5 -o stratum+tcp:// -uYOURIDONNICEHASH.$rigName -p x

save it, assign to a machine and start mining nist5!

Enjoy this new configurations that may make your mining farm more profitable and let you diversify your mining algorithms work. It’s very good idea infact to have different machines on different algorithms both because some card is better with specific algos and because you can take the best of any algo in this way.