Bitcoin and currencies down of these days

we all know that after a great peak in december, the bitcoin price has been declined for several weeks and until today the loss is quite high. As usual all the most used coins have declined accordingly following the bitcoin value. Have we to be worried about it? Let’s see similar decline in the past years

List of bitcoin crashes in the past

  • – 94% June-November 2011 from $32 to $2 because of MtGox hack
  •  -36% June 2012 from $7 to $4 Linod hack
  •  -79% April 2013 from $266 to $54. MTGox stopped trading
  •  -49% Feb 2014 MTGox is gone
  •  -40% September 2017 from $5000 to $2972 China ban
  •  -55% January 2018 Korea FUD. from $19700 to $14500
  •  feb 2018 probably due to India FUD. from $14500 to $8500, still unknown

As seen above bitcoin is not new to very high decreases of price. Since the high interest and attention in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies phoenomena, there is a high volatility in the market. In addition many unexperienced investors are kept by panic-selling when some down of price is going on for several days and this makes the prices to go down more and more. The long term investors must not be worried by the behavior or the cryptocurrency coin, that’s quite normal and the analysis of above list of events make it evident.