GTX 1080 max hashrate on  for equihash

To correctly understand how to configure a rig and evaluate potential hash rate it’s important to evaluate and calculate hashrate of the single GPU. In this way we can get the most of entire GPUs rig. As previously told, in other posts, the best cards in my opinion are nvdia ones. They have the best quality/price ratio for mining. For this reason i always use them when preparing a new rig. From the cheapest P106-100 or GTX1060 to the more performant ones GTX 1080 and GTX 1080TI. These last mentioned are more performant but really more expensive and also the electricity usage is higher.

In this post i am focusing on GTX 1080, great card with excellent performances.  Let’s understand how to get the best from this card, with equihash algorithm. To calculate correctly i made a just-one GPU rig and made running for 24 hours in normal mode and overclock. As miner program i used ewbf on a linux environment. The command line used was:

–server <stratum_yourpooladdress> –user <youruseratpool> –pass <yourpasswordatpool> –port <yourportatpool>

i ran it for 24 hours continuously

In normal mode i got

  • about 360 Sol/s
  • temperature around 65 celsius degrees
  • high stability: no reboots
  • profitability (today) at coinwarz: about 124$/month (before electricity)

quite good

In overclock i got:

  • about 550 sol/s
  • temperature around 75 celsius degrees
  • good stability: just 1 reboot in the whole 24hours
  • profitability (today) at coinwarz: about 190$/month (before electricity)

let me say, very good for a single GPU

The overclock setup i put was:

  • core clock: +160 MHz
  • memory clock: +1400 MHz
  • power limit: no power limit

For the above exposed reasons we believe this is a great card that can be configured to get a very interesting hashrate which makes it very profitable and with good profit/costs ratio. Feel free to contact us to go deeper in this matter.