Yes everyone is now understanding: The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is growing faster and faster. If you just do some basic calculations you will see that this money printing is going at a rate of 60 millions dollars every minute. And this is so crazy.

Do you really think this is good?? no no it’s really bad, it’s a great damage to all the standard people who work for salary and who every day go to the market, etc. This is an invisible cost, and invisible tax to everyone without any distinction. And this will be more and more clear when the global economy will go back to normal activity.

Money Is Losing Its Meaning

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Doing “whatever it takes” to save the global economy from the coronavirus pandemic is going to cost a lot of money. The U.S.

The dollar has no real intrinsic value, backed only by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. Under a fiat currency system, the government says that a dollar is a dollar. Its value relative to things such as other currencies and gold is determined on global markets.

More and more people is therefore recovering in safe heaven before it is too late. Currencies are not wealth please bear in mind this. They are just a fast way of exchange. It’s wise to change currency as fast as possible in other assets in order to keep the value. Bitcoin gives us this possibility as one of the few “sound money” system today.