Jack Dorsey, who is the founder of twitter, declared at the podcast “Tales from the crypt” he purchases $10’000 value of bitcoin per week. Even if for a milliard dollars man like he is, this amount may be a very little amount and so a little investment, it shows that such a public figure believes in this technology and wish to make this choice public.

Nobody knows how many bitcoins Jack actually has, but we know that his fortune is about 5,6 milliards of US dollars. The fact that such a person is believing in bitcoin may have a great impact on the adoption itself, specially now that this way of invest is made public. We guess that many rich people is doing the same or even much more, but they dont publish such informations in order to keep privacy and security.

Some times ago Jack Dorsey expressed his opinion on bitcoins and say that probably in the future, twitter may integrate a system of small donations in BTC powered by bitcoin lighting network. We are going then to believe that with high probability his interest in bitcoin is sincere and he can be a pushing stimulus for this coin to raise in the next future. In any case it’s clear: a lot of people is paying attention to bitcoin more and more, and are feeling this cryptocurrency as a real expression of real intrinsic value.