We recently got aware that the big Korean company is going to release a crypto wallet into the new S10. This is already a great news. But in addition to this, it seems that (even the news is still unconfirmed) they also want to integrate crypto wallet with Samsung pay.

Samsung pay + crypto?

Samsung pay is the mobile payment system which allows people to make payments with mobile, directly with Samsung smartphones (very similar to apple pay on iphone series). Samsung pay is actually in use by around 10 million people globally.

A person from the smartphones giant says:

“The arrival of the new Samsung phones could start popularization of the cryptocurrency wallet system in Korea”.

Popularization of the cryptocurrency wallet system?

This operation, if confirmed, shall increase the amount of users using this system for mobile payments by the addition of new people coming from the crypto market. This would also give a great step ahead in mass adoption of cryptocurrencies at global level with a possible stimulus also for crypto demand on markets.

The news is therefore very important for the environment. If everything described will be confirmed, the Korean company may become a very important player in cryptocurrencies ecosystem.