Protecting privacy is an increasingly important requirement in bitcoin. It is also important for holders of small quantities of bitcoins for example on mobile devices for daily use. In fact, even if we use bitcoin daily to buy products and services online, we need to improve our privacy.

The samourai wallet allows us to achieve this through the whirlpool implementation of coinjoin by its 3 pools available. Samourai is available for android OS on smartphones. The pools available are:

  • pool from 0.01
  • pool from 0.05
  • pool from 0.5

It also allows you to have a fixed flat fee that does not depend on the amount of mixing. It is therefore possible to join to a pool even very small quantities of the order of 0.01 btc to start participating in mixing.

Once we join the pool all the following cycles have no additional costs keeping the client active.

Let’s see some important elements

Tx0. is the starting point for whirlpool. Get utxo of the same cut corresponding to the chosen pool. Your initial coin is splitted into two amounts based on the pool size. The changed is either marked as not spendable or simply resend to the standard balance.

Premix. the uxto created in the tx0 transaction. Premix are not yet mixed.

Postmix. this is a utxo that has already been mixed at least one time but has not left the pool. This is called postmix. These utxo can be selected again (in a random fashion) for another mixing cycle. Useful to set notes for the utxo for your own management. You can do that inside the whirlpool page.

Remix. This is an additional mixing transaction. This is beneficial for you and for other members of the pool. There are no additional costs involved. In order to be selected for another cycle just leave the utxo in the pool and client running. All these sessions come with no additional costs.

So easy to use on your mobile device. You can keep your coin mixed and remixed for daily usage.

In my opinion there are several advantages for samourai. The first is that can be used with small amounts of bitcoin and can be used on mobile devices. This makes possible also to have mixing facilities for amounts that you own in your smartphone for daily usage. So it makes easier to care for privacy even to small holders and newbies.

Let me say samourai for small and mobile hot wallets. While wasabi or joinmarket for larger amount prepared to cold wallets.