Nicehash after being hacked

As everybody knows nicehash has been hacked some weeks ago and over 60 million dollars were stolen in bitcoins. This has been a great damage for all the users who, at a moment, found themselves without all they had on the nicehash wallet. Wrong security? site not safely programmed? who really knows? The ceo of the company has published a dramatic video with a lot of worried apologies. Nodoby really knows how things are gone. What we know for sure is that the bitcoin deposited are went away.

Now the site has reopen, will be possible to trust it again? This is the question that all old users are wondering. The company, also, says that at the end of january 2018 they will tell if and in which way they would refund their users. But such a refund is really possible?

We tested the nicehash site again after the hack. We had to reset the password, change the wallet id (bitcoin) but for the rest the site seems not changed so much. In wallet balance there is now a zero balance, plus the “old balance” that is the balance in bitcoins before the hack.

What is immediately seen inside the site

At first sight it seems not that a lot of improvements have been put in there, but what it has been done in reality is difficult to know.

  • cloudflare as before
  • 2 factor authentication as before
  • recaptcha at login as before
  • bitcoin as unique currency to pay and be paid
  • minimum order for buyers, 0.005 btc as before

First of all: why still use bitcoin? transactions so difficult and costs so high, why not use a lighter currency for all these operations? for example litecoin. Infact the use of such a coin would be useful also for more frequent withdrawal from the users. Infact you can be sure that no user will leave a lot of coins on nicehash wallet after what happened. The adoption of a lighter coin whould have semplified everything for the users, because a lowering of trust in the site is normal now.

Another thing we noticed is a very low number of miners compared to before the hack. This is normal, the miners are afraid. Will they keep on mine with so much efforts and risk to loose their money?


As a conclusion, let me say that they should have done something more to regain people trust. Also the website doesnt show anything giving the idea of stronger security measures. We all expected something more. It is also normal that at the moment we (and many other users) will not mine there and stay to see what is happening for some time more. We all hope that the site is stronger and our coins there will be secured for the future, but dont really know at the moment.