In today’s times, privacy is increasingly important and centralised exchangers collect more and more information about us and can, in fact, influence us and monitor our behaviour. Moreover, centralised exchangers can block our transactions and lock our account at any time.

Even if you decide to withdraw your bitcoin from the centralised exchanger, the information will remain there and the withdrawal address will be inevitably associated with your identity, leaving a permanent trace on the blockchain. So how can you buy bitcoin easily and as confidentially as possible?

Let me tell you about @BitcoinVoucherBot a telegram bot that allows you to buy vouchers that are redeemable in #bitcoin. All this without having to leave any documents (no-kyc) below the allowed legal thresholds. Obviously the voucher denominations that can be bought are compliant with current regulations and therefore the maximum voucher is 1000 eur. This type of purchase is ideal for hodlers who want to hold bitcoin long term. To connect, you just need to have a telegram account and start a chat with the bot. Direct link is:

It is considered a confidential purchase, not anonymous of course as a bank transfer is involved, but with more privacy for the following reasons:

  • Purchase of vouchers and not bitcoin directly;
  • So completely comparable to the purchase of any phone card or i tunes, amazon, etc.;
  • Bank transfer with only the code sent in the reason, therefore without any indication of the reason, therefore not associated to a specific purchase of bitcoin;
  • The distributor cannot associate the purchase with the bitcoin address on which the voucher is redeemed, see below for a more detailed explanation;

Since the voucher producer is a different entity as well as a different platform than the company that manages the bot and handles the purchase (distributor and technology platform), there is an additional privacy layer or rather a separation of roles that promotes confidentiality. That is, the voucher producer/issuer does not know the buyer’s details, nor information about him, while the distributor does not know the final bitcoin address on which the voucher will be redeemed.

What does the bot provide? It provides both onchain bitcoin vouchers and Lightning Network ones. In the images below you can see some screenshots of the bot in action, which can be called from the url via your mobile phone (having a telegram account). The bot gives you an effective and pleasant experience on entering the bitcoin world in the most easy and fast way, and it is as fast as topping up your phone credit.

How to redeem vouchers? For onchain vouchers, you can perform a normal onchain transaction by entering the details of the voucher to be redeemed. This is done in real time and you must of course wait for the verification time of the transaction. Some wallets can read the voucher code directly and automatically start the transaction, e.g. bluewallet.

Regarding the lightning network vouchers redeem, any wallet that supports LNURL can be used. Here is a list of the major and most used wallets that support direct redeem with qrcode reading:

  • Phoenix
  • Breez
  • BlueWallet
  • Wallet of Satoshi
  • BLW
  • Blixt
  • coinos
  • LNbits
  • lntxbot
  • Shockwallet
  • ThunderHub
  • Zap-Android
  • Zap-iOS
  • ZEBEDEE (and bots)
  • Zeus

This type of service is of course completely non-custodial and with an eye for privacy. In no way does the system hold the funds for you. When you redeem, the value of the voucher is immediately transferred to your address or wallet, very easily. The whole purchase procedure is within telegram without going out on the web, with positive security aspects. This system is ideal for hodlers and those who wish to own bitcoins for the long term and acquire them with as high a level of confidentiality as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this article does not constitute financial or tax advice or solicitation of any kind. You are the only responsible of checking you are adhering your country’s rules and laws.