Without any doubt lightning network is one of the most exciting news in the crypto space, because it’s a great step ahead in bitcoin system.

the situation today is the following (from txtstats.com)

At the end of December 2019, TXStats.com figures indicate there are 36,335 public channels containing 871 Bitcoin.

In the above graphic, however, only data from public channels are analyzed. But you have to consider that many channels are not publicly advertised and so the picture may be incomplete or partial as a view upon the network. The above data is from bitmex

Even if there is still a lot of challenges in the lightning network, this is a very promising infrastructure which aims to be the future for payment transactions in bitcoin and privacy model.

The market seems to have understood such potentials and it is giving credit to the network which is infact growing fast. It’s very likely that more nodes will come online and more stability will be added to the network for next months.