Want to be really involved in Bitcoin environment with News, info, speeches, meetings and much more? The you must come to the Riga Baltic Honey Badger 2023.

This is the 5th edition, that will be the most rich and greater than ever. It is really a week all dedicated to Bitcoin, open source software, freedom of speech and all of this will fill the City of Riga of plenty of Bitcoiners.

Here is what to expect

  • on August the 31st, day dedicated to Noobs. People who are interested in Bitcoin and want to get more info, and to meet expert Bitcoiners. This day is free entrance for everyone.
  • on September the 1st, Layer 2 day. Presenting the latest Layer 2 developments. Entry is allowed to everyone who holds the ticket for the conference. We will discuss about improvements and projects on the Bitcoin Lightning Network. A good day for every one to meet people and to brainstorm.
  • on September the 2nd and 3rd. The 2 days of the conference at Fantadroms. Presentations, panels, and fireside chats about the most crucial and controversial topics in Bitcoin, a day full of content on 2 stages, workshops, and demos! You could meet Calle, Pavelnex, Roy Sheinfeld, John Carvalho, Jimmy Song, Adam Back, Giacomo Zucco, Peter Todd and many more.
  • on September 4th. BTCPay server day. BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source Bitcoin payment processor. Attend the event to learn more about BTCPay Server’s recent developments and meet the team in person! We will talk with the staff as previously did with Dennis Reimann

You can buy your ticket now, and get a 10% discount with my discount code:


I will be there for reporting news, information, opinions and any other important aspect of the Bitcoin environment from my social channels, for everyone who will have no way to come but also for people coming and willing to get more insides about this important conference. Do not miss anything! stay tuned

Some foto from last year 2022 edition: