Some days ago there was a tweet from a binance user who reported that it was not possible for him to withdraw his bitcoin to a wasabi wallet. They blocked the withdrawal because they detected the withdrawal was going to a wasabi wallet (presumably for coinjoin).

In order to forbid coinjoin they therefore blocked the withdrawal. How may they ever be aware that the coins were going to wasabi? This is probably due to the fact that the user sent also in the past his withdrawals to wasabi and then coinjoined.

So now exchangers are forcing and spying people even about where their bitcoin are going to.

This situation shows a serious problem of privacy with big exchangers and the problem that the bureaucratic system is really trying to eradicate the privacy to any person out there. They want to track all you do from the beginning and they want to associate all your funds to your identity, know ho you spend your funds, where and why.

Probably in the next future coinjoin alone would be no more enough to regain our privacy. Using lighining network channel maybe will be an additional solution.

The important thing is that we must care more and more our privacy because also our freedom is at risk.