As probably you already know, BitcoinVoucherBot is a Telegram facility for purchase no-KYC (under specific thresholds) bitcoin Vouchers. Vouchers available: Bitcoin on-chain, Lightning, Liquid with many providers supported.

Version of January the 3rd, has a lot of improvements for privacy and in general as features enhancements. Here below the changelog:

/// Update @BitcoinVoucherBot Jan 3rd 2023 ///

  • Refill available for everybody;
  • Fees got lowered for most of services;
  • Enhanced Lightning node capacity;
  • Introduced various options for Voucher Onchain and Lightning;
  • Realtime issue of Vouchers with credits;
  • Several additional Accumulation plans added;
  • Randomize” function to create vouchers of non-standard random amounts (obfuscation to the bank);

This update was released January the 3rd because of very particular date for Bitcoin.