Do you want a bitcoin cold secure wallet but you dont know how to do? What is a cold wallet? A cold wallet is not something you install, it’s a way to store bitcoin in a full offline way. A cold wallet is a system to store BTC which you have not to spend but just accumulate. Here is simple steps:

Few steps bitcoin cold wallet creation

Here is a simple step howto

  • prepare a bootable USB key with tails, which is a full live operative system. Tails is made for storing nothing on a durable memory, all is done in RAM;
  • now shutdown your computer and disconnect wifi, printer, network cables;
  • connect USB key with tails and boot it in your computer;
  • inside the tails OS there is a preinstalled version of electrum (a software bitcoin wallet);
  • double check that you are not connected to the internet or to any wifi device or bluetooth (you should if you have disconnect any cables as described in previous points);
  • now run electrum and use it to generate a new wallet;
  • write down on a piece of paper the seed and the xpubkey and also some public address. Beware to be case-sensitive;
  • now shutdown the computer, until it powers off;
  • disconnect USB stick;
  • now you can receive bitcoins on the address you have written on the paper. If you need more addresses you can generate them with xpubkey. Your seed is securely written on a piece of paper (store it physically is a safe place);
  • you can receive BTC any time you want on that addresses and accumulate them;
  • when you will decide to spend BTC you can recreate the wallet with the seed. The most secure way is to install a bitcoincore then electrs and electrum and then insert the seed into electrum. Then you can use it to spend the BTC inside;

The wallet you created is the most secure way to store long term values in BTC. It’s very important to know the procedure and the security tips for being really safe.