As you may know cryptobridge is one of most powerful DEX (decentralized exchanges). This mean that is an EX which is based on blockchain technology, therefore is trustless by definition. It’s really powerful and assisted by very skilled persons and works very well.

Before making a deposit or doing a withdrawal, it’s important to check if such a coin wallet is active or not. Sometimes infact a wallet may be down for maintenance of for some upgrade on blockchain side. Therefore always check if there is any issue on the specific wallet before going depositing.

Here is the link to view such a status in real time

Cryptobridge wallet status

This is a very important link, not to forget and to save in bookmarks for every one who works in cryptocurrencies world and uses this DEX. Another thing to consider is the number of confirmations needed for a deposit to be ok on the dex. Infact when you send an altcoin or bitcoin to CB there is a certain number of confirmation from the network that must be achieved before the deposit being available on the exchange. This data is visibile in the deposit view of cryptobridge