Turtl is an open source notes manager similar to evernote or google keep. It’s very interesting because it’s opensource, you can manage your data, and the data repository is encrypted. A great solution. You can create your server and connect all your devices. Why it is better than evernote or similar? Simply because we want own our data, we want the privacy we have right of and we want to be sure where data is and in which way it is managed. This is very important. Our data is very important and we are sick of companies which use our data as they want.

So why not install this server on a dedicated vps and run it for collecting and managing our data? There is a simple way to do this: a docker container.

I have forked an existing project and fixed bugs and also made a docker-compose release. This is very simple and well commented. You can download on the github repository on my account. This is a docker container, so you have to run on a distro in which a recent version of docker is installed. On the git release you can find a detailed README file with all the informations about. You can run easily with docker-compose for example.


It’s a gift. It’s opensource, it’s supported. So what to do?

  • clone the git
  • configure environment variables inside the docker-compose.yml file (if necessary)
  • create locally the container with docker build -t turtle .
  • run the container
  • wait some minutes for the first run
  • inside the folder where you run it, you can find the turtledata/ folder where is stored all your data with encryption
  • then if you want to use in production, you should configure the apache virtualhost as specified in README file, in order to strengthen the security

Feel free to contact me here for any question about.