If you manage your full node, you probably have had this problem at least once in your career. This is a situation in which you find a channel which is stuck in “waiting close” status. In most of cases this is because the channel partner is not responsive and you get aware of this situation looking at the balance status of your node.

How to resolve? maybe days are passed and the situation does not resolve. Here how to resolve on your node with LND implementation of Lightning.

First of all check the status, going to the consolle:

lncli pendingchannels

you will probably find the stuck channel in “pending close channels” array

find the element named “channel_point” of the stuck channel. You infact may find something like:

"channel_point": "396d06ca61572defe14c7ea9322c55584d0ea8da462a6acc1c291b87dc2b485d:1",

and then issue this command:

lncli closechannel --force 396d06ca61572defe14c7ea9322c55584d0ea8da462a6acc1c291b87dc2b485d 1

then you can check again the pending channels and now you should see something like:

"pending_force_closing_channels": [
            "channel": {
                "remote_node_pub": "02b592ec54a8ea85a56a150b2dxxx",
                "channel_point": "396d06ca61572defe14c7ea9322c55584d0ea8da462a6acc1c291b87dc2b485d:1",
                "capacity": "520000",
                "local_balance": "510069",
                "remote_balance": "0",
                "local_chan_reserve_sat": "0",
                "remote_chan_reserve_sat": "0",
                "initiator": "INITIATOR_REMOTE",
                "commitment_type": "STATIC_REMOTE_KEY",
                "num_forwarding_packages": "0",
                "chan_status_flags": ""
            "closing_txid": "53c62753cf0924xxx",
            "limbo_balance": "510069",
            "maturity_height": 729805,
            "blocks_til_maturity": 144,
            "recovered_balance": "0",
            "pending_htlcs": [
            "anchor": "LIMBO"

Now you just have to wait that all the blocks mentioned in the maturity field will be mined.