I recently open a issue on github on the code of LNbits legend because i found a problem in the last version of the software. This was impacting even users using Umbrel install. In this case the proxy is done for going to clearnet in the Umbrel install of the software. The issue is described here:


When configuring the system for using a proxy (in this case i was proxying with nginx and letsencrypt as certificate provider), there was a problem when the decoding the LNURL. Infact the URL was not correctly decoded.

After many tests and thanks also to messages i found on various sources, i found a way to resolve and i thought to share here for all the people who fell in the same issue which is very frustrating. I tested this fix both on docker install and on standard install.

Add the following environment variable


then restart the platform. To check it works, just decode the LNURL and see that the URL in it was correctly decoded. At this point you can easily create LNURL (w/p) without issue with correct encoding.