Huge amount of bitcoins stolen

It seems that in the last 24 hours something really bad happened to the most used mining hash marketplace. A huge amount of bitcoins stored into the nicehash wallets have been stolen by a security breach into their systems. They says so in the public press communicate. The damage seems to be near 60 millions dollars from all the customers of this popular platform. The website is now down and they notified they are investigating the matter and they will stop any activities for the next 24 hours.

But it’s normal to wonder: how it’s possible that a so high amount of bitcoin might be stolen in a couple of transactions? Normally these operators have a cold wallet outside from the network, so how it is possible to get hacked in this deep way? There are many questions that are still without an answer and a lot of dubts arise inside the clients and users of popular platform. Also the most important question is: will the users be indemnified? Will this platform be online again after a so important event? Very difficult to give an answer at this moment. The company just released that bulletin with no more comments.

Who is damaged bu this event?

All the miners with a pending balance have been hit but also all the buyers with an amount of bitcoins in their address that were waiting to insert new orders. We all know that it’s very important not to leave a high amount of coins into third parties webwallets, the risk is very very high and this episode is confirming all these fears. But it’s clear that since bitcoin has very long times to move and high costs, it is not possible to have not at least 200 dollars worth on some webwallet. This is more true in a platform where a lot of specialists were working on, buying and selling hashpower. So the risk of loss of such amounts is always there.

The address that is circulating and seems to be the target one, is:

we dont know by sure that this is the right address, but we see the huge amount in it, about 60 millions dollars. More infos and comments on reddit. It’s very important to stay tuned in this moment and see all the developments across this event.

Update video from nicehash

the following video has been released some hours (08 dec) ago by nicehash team. They are saying that they have been hacked and the bitcoins have been stolen, they are afraid. But there is no real solution on how to recover the funds. Looking at faces, seems quite sure that there is no way to recover the stolen amounts. This is the questions of everyone: how to get indemnified?

Let’s see what will happen on the next days


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