Your coins, a value

You know that for most of cases cryptocurrencies value is growing up and up. You can compare for example bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin and you will see how much the value is increased during the time. Therefore more and more people are keeping coins for longer than before. For this reason it’s very important to have a really secure location where to store your coins, somewhere in which security is highest.

What to consider for a wallet choice

Internet is infact an insecure ecosystem and you must secure at maximum your values. Wallets are mostly managers of your private keys for the blockchain. Infact coins are not really stored in wallet, but on the blockchain. On the wallet we have to secure the keys which are necessary to access your funds. If you lose keys, you lose your money. In order to choose the wallet we have therefore to make the following considerations:

  • the wallet must be not located on the Internet. Infact if you have an online wallet, the keys are located into the provider’s server. This is obviously unsecure. If the server goes hacked, then your money is taken;
  • you must own the keys;
  • you must have seeds for recovery the wallet and you have never to put them online or saved in electronically format;
  • your wallet must have a way to recover easily in case of computer broken;
  • the wallet should be installed on a computer that is not always on the Internet, but just when you need to access your wallet;
  • the wallet software must be opensource: do not ever trust a wallet that is not opensource because you dont know what exactly runs on it and what can be done with  your keys;
  • as last: you have not to leave coins on an exchanger, being exchangers the most risky of being hacked;

Bear in mind what is above, because the safety of your coins depend on that.

Best litecoin wallet for your coins

We’ve considered all the above and made a lot of tests on various conditions. The bast litecoin wallet we found is electrum-ltc . Infact we tried to restore a wallet on another computer and also simulating a complete erase of all data. In all those situations all went fine and very simply . Also we checked the code, that is opensource, and all is clean and done very accurately. Therefore we have no dubt: at the moment electrum-ltc is resulted the best choice for litecoins. In any case, fee free to make your own tests and get your deductions. Even if this is probably the best desktop wallet for litecoin, it’s anyway very important that the computer setup is done with great care and that all the configuration is prepared with maximum security, in order to safely store your coins.

Should you need help, please consider that advisory for setting up and secure your online coins storage is one of our services. You can contact us about that