The need of computing power

Today the request of computing power and servers is really rocketing. We have more and more need to publish contents on websites, use computing online power, use databases, arrange and compute on big data, and so on. There is a really great need of online systems. On past years this would mean a lot of bare metal servers which have great electricity consumption and efforts to be managed because of hardware to keep safe and uptodate.

Cloud idea

Today we have a great new power: cloud computing. Cloud servers are systems virtualized inside big servers. Virtual pieces inside greater systems. You have no more the need to care about hardware issues and power management. You can get a cloud system where resources can be tuned on your needs. You have just to care about your virtual system security and your software but no other hassles. This is really great. But which are the most important advantages?

Benefits of the cloud

  • no hardware hassles;
  • no power redundancy needs;
  • no need of men who care about physical machine integrity;
  • costs very lower compared to bare metals;
  • possibility to grow and shrink your resources: memory, cpus, storage, etc can be easily adjusted;
  • possibility to move virtual machine easily from a service to another or also from a location to another, without having to rebuild the server and carrying with you all your data;

This is very important. Most of companies are taking advantages of such systems and they are moving into the cloud. In this way they can benefit of great lowering of costs for servers but also for management of their whole infrastructure. But which are difference between this solution and a simple hosting solution?

Differences between web  hosting and cloud

  • hosting is shared between many clients, therefore cpu, ram, storage is shared too;
  • with hosting plans, a issue to the machine due to another client, may be reflected on performances of your site;
  • with hosting plans, you cannot install all the software you need and you cannot fully control your security and data;
  • with cloud server you can have full control of the machine and its network resources (this mean you can configure your IPs, firewall, gateways, proxy and so on)

The hosting plan is today only suitable for small websites and gives no chances to significantly grow your business. In addition with a cloud virtualized server, you have a whole machine for your business and you can manage it with your root system access. For cloud computing there are actors like google cloud, amazon aws which are generally more complicated and more expensive, or cloud actors like denali where the systems are more friendly and prices lower so more useful for smaller companies.