World is arriving into a new ecosystem of economy and finance. The revolution of cryptocurrencies has come and is changing the way we all are managing our money and working together. The banks as we all know them, are dying. They are still trying to suck the most from their customers with ridiculous investments, risky funds, and bank account packages which only goal is getting the money for them to survive, destroying the freedom of customers until the countries governments still allows them to do that.

Bank account procedures are more and more complicated. Why? because they want to filter rich clients from non-rich ones; they will propose stupid and nonsense investments to the first category in order to gather the most possible profit from them before they can wake up and understand that the only part having profit is bank itself, while customer will always lose.

Always more and more often you listened something like this: “dear customer, invest here you will get 0,75% yearly with this fund! ah forgot to say that commission for entering is 2% and commission for exiting is 2%, minimal investment length is 10 year”. This is simply ridiculous, isn’t it? Obviously they will get a lot of money more and you will lose. At the end of the ten years of this example you will ask them: “i have lost money why?” and they will reply to you something like: “eh sorry there was a strange economy coincidence, a political conspiracy, the crisis in Africa, for these reasons unfortunately your money is quite lost, but it’s not a fault of us, it’s a world crisis it’s an international problem”. Beware don’t fall in their traps, simply stay away!

Dear bank, please propose your funny contracts to someone else, for example your grandma, but stay away from me!

If you dont want to lose your freedom and your financial indipendence, dont believe to banks, they just want to take your money, they are unaffordable entities kept standing by the system and governments with the usual non-written agreement between bank affairs and politics.