Mining cryptocurrencies (hardware or cloud?)

Mining of cryptocurrencies is a topic very discussed and important. The digital money is becoming more and more important everyday. So if you want to start the business of mining you have two possibilities: either you setup your mining hardware and start or you can purchase mining power to so called mining cloud providers. With the first one the initial investment is very high and it would take some time before you can get back the amount invested and start your gains, with the second one you have not to matter about hardware, configurations, software and maintenance.

Here we are talking about cloud mining and in our example we consider genesis mining that is the biggest provider of hash power on the market. It has its datacenter in Iceland and has optimized, during the years, the ratio costs and results, giving the most effective mining power you can get fromĀ  a cloud provider.

You can go on genesis mining, buy hashpower (you can pay with credit card or with coins) and start immediately to mine. They will credit your results day by day. If you have a promo code, you can get also a 3% discount on your purchase. for example you can use my promo code that is:

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Calculate and predict profits

Both the purchase and the promo code, give you immediately access to mining world. Obviously you can get informations about the investment before you do it. Infact, when you purchase hashpower from genesis, you get a 2 years contract in which they provide you with a fixed hashpower for the 2 years. You can calculate which amount of currency this hashpower can lead (with actual exchange rates) and see how much can be the return of investment. The site where you can do such calculations and previsions is There you can obtain any information you can use to evaluate your investment.

At the moment quite all hashpower from genesis mining are profitable (with actual exchange rates), but some is more than other and also some makes nearer the time in which your intial capital will be fully get back. So you can do your calculations carefully