A long tradition of banks and preserving wealth is the symbol of Switzerland. Great laws and affordability for this country in the center of Europe. Money is changing and going to a decentralized economical system. So Switzerland is going towards that direction.

Zurich-based SEBA Bank AG opened in November 2019. Still minority but the panorama is going to change.

World’s first crypto banks seen as game changer for Switzerland

The co-founders of Sygnum crypto bank have hailed the award of a Swiss banking license as a game changer that could open the floodgates to the integration of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets into the established financial sector. Sygnumexternal link , along with SEBAexternal link , were awarded provisional banking and securities dealer licenses by Switzerland’s financial regulator on Monday.

What I am really excited about for SEBA … is their upcoming deployment of a margin and lending business, including options and derivatives


Banks like SEBA are offering possibility to hold many kind of currencies and cryptocurrencies and trade between them. The question is if pure bitcoiners are interested in leaving their funds in custodian banks like this one. But at the moment it seems they have having great attention.

“You can open an account over the phone in 15 minutes, for an accredited investor, you don’t have to go to Switzerland…. ” “There’s always going to be aspects that banks are required for, and the first one is the storage of your private key.”

Bühler said

In any cases Switzerland is going to be the most important place in the world for cryptocurrencies, wealth management (even in cryptocurrencies) and development of project related to the blockchain. The WEF meeting in Davos seems to confirm this vocation.